About Us


Netplusweb is a new all-around global ebusiness solution. We provide internet solutions to customers from the world. We aim to improve the Global Internet situations by providing new internet technology and service. We create new start-up models for individual entrepreneurs. We come up with new sales channels for companies, help them realize the system optimization.


Our company is founded in 2015. Technology is the core of our company. We provide high quality consulting service and e-business solutions for individuals and enterprises. We also provide app/software/website designing and development sevice. We have lots of cooperators,e.g. Niuniu car Insurance, WEBPLUSUK LTD, Hitech United Australia, World Internet Summit.


We own the professional UI/UE designing team, App developing team, system management team, testing/QA team, Cloud backend operation team, system architects and DBA team. Apart from the technology solutions, we also provide consult service. Our clients will develop their career steadily without being sequacious.

Tom Hua

Tom Hua, the proud of Chinese. He is the World Internet Coach, almost everyone who works in internet market filed knows his name. We can see Tom make speeches in many stages. He sincerely shares his knowledge and experience towards us. He has taught thousands of individuals and enterprises to make money from Internet with his unique marketing skills. Tom Hua is respected as "the Father of ebooks", "Marketing Genus", "the World Internet Coach"...After all,he is the first Chinese internet Mater.

Songyan Zhang

Songyan Zhang is our technological leader, having more than 20 years IT research and development experiences. He has provided consultation and solutions to hundreds of companies and individuals. He worked for NEUSOFT, INTEL and other blue chip companies. He is one of TOP 1 Internet technical personnel, leading our team to promote the integration of business and the Internet through technology innovation.